Current Solo recordings:

Ian’s solo album ‘Sixty Years’is available either from Ian direct or via Bandcamp.

Sketchbook and Sketchbook 2. These are three – song CD/EPs on sale for £1 each.

Sketchbook: Tracks; Sixty Years;La Giaconda;Facebook Rant.

Sketchbook 2: Tracks;Nobody;Kind Of A Day; Ageing.

Band recordings: I Wish That I Could fly;

Tracks; 1) Blackberry Quadrille/ Bonny Dundee/The Irish Washerwoman 2) Nothing But The Wheel 3) Golden Slippers/Turkey In The Straw/Oh Suzannah/Arkansas Traveller 4) Walls 5) Hey Good Lookin’ 6) The Wanderer 7) Great North Run/Le Canal En Octobre 8) Another Town 9) Swallowtail/Rakes Of Kildare 10) I Wish That I Could Fly 11) Take Me Out Waltzing Tonight.

 Under A Stormy Sky;

Tracks; 1) Dixieland 2) I’ll Tell Me Ma/Soldiers Joy 3) Lilting Fisherman/Leinster Jig 4) A Farmer Had Three Sons 5) Katrina 6) Blackberry Quadrille/Bonny Dundee/Irish Washerwoman 7) Sun And The Moon 8) Planxty Fanny Power 9) Three Drunken Maidens/Ladies Pleasure 10) Five Miles From Gundagai 11) Captain Lemo/Le Matelot 12) Under A Stormy Sky/Black Jack David 13) Mercedes Benz

Along The B2000

Tracks; 1) First We Take Manhattan 2) Peaceful Easy Feeling 3) Go For It 4) Whiskey In The Bottle 5) Bad Moon Rising 6) Sweet Virginia 7) Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness 8) I’m Going Home 9) Redwing/Salmontails Up The Water 10) Along The B2000 11) Johnny Come Lately 12) I Shall Be Released

Old recordings:  Roll Gently By. Solo Album

Tracks; 1) Arthur McBride 2) The Collector 3) Roll Gently By 4) Lord Franklyn 5) Whiskey In The Bottle 6) Go For It 7) Burned Out Stars 8) Ageing Hippy 9) I Live Not Where I Love 10) Coming Home 11) When The Well Runs Dry 12) I’m Going Home

Ian also recorded with Dolphin Smile;

Dolphin Smile: Track 1) Russian Roulette 2) Tonto 3) The Idiot King 4) Hearing Voices 5) The Weatherman 6) Ten – Piece Texas Family 7) The Ploughboy 8) Swings and Roundabouts 9) Milky Bar 10) The Perfect Pair 11) We Love It In Spain 12) Josephine 13) Dog Rover

And with Skinner’s Rats on ‘My Boys Can Play Anything’

(Available on I tunes)

Track 1) Her Father Didn’t Like me anyway 2) Shanties By The Way 3) Raglan Road 4) My Love She’s But A Lassie/ Atholl Highlanders 5) Claudy Banks 6) Felton Lonnin 7) No Man’s Land 8) Greenland Whale Fisheries 9) John Barleycorn 10) Carrickfergus 11) Banish Misfortune 12) Hartlake Bridge

and ‘SNATCH’ (Sunday Night At The Coach House)

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